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Karthik Ramani

For a change someone is getting SEO right in the new era. SEONeos is refreshing because it helps you work with Google, and not against it. I think this app is vital for anyone who wants long-term rankings on

Neil Napier

What I liked most about SEONeos is that it finds for me all the things that Google doesn't like about my website, wether it's bad backlinks, or mistakes on my site itself. I think this is a very powerful tool and a must-have for anyone who does SEO.

Ben Murray

One little mistake can get big G to penalise your websites. I’ve seen that happen to countless businesses in last few year. SEONeos is the perfect tool to help you protect your websites from Googles ranking penalties by fixing everything that’s wrong with your SEO, on page and off page. Highly recommend this tool.

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